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Foodable's Best Cocktails of the Year 2016

From the cool weather and cultural centers of Toronto to the sunny beaches and saucy swagger of Miami, we traveled to many different cities this year on "Across the Bar," but one thing remained the same: No matter where you go, you can always find a crisp, classic, and creative cocktail to sip on. But which were the best of the best? Raise your glasses and say cheers to Foodable's Best Cocktails of 2016!

The War on the Soda Industry Begins, Taxes on Sugary Beverages Get Passed in Five Cities

With the healthy food movement sweeping the nation, consumers are more educated about nutrition. With that in mind, many former beloved sodas now have a negative connotation. Many of these beverages contain ingredients that healthy consumers try to steer clear of. Those in favor of these tax measures argue that these beverages contribute to the obesity and diabetes epidemic and that the funds collected will be directed to help fund health programs. 

Smog City Shows Off Los Angeles' Creative Craft Brewing Scene

The beer scene in Los Angeles is fairly young. Some of LA's veteran breweries only date back to 2011. However, in that short span of time, LA has churned out some of the coolest, most diverse brews created from some of the coolest, most diverse brewers. On this episode of "Beer Artisan," we see how LA’s young breweries have fostered a tightly-knit community with brewers who are not afraid to push the envelope

Cocktails Are a Work of Art at Liquid Art House

Mixology lovers often believe crafting the perfect cocktail is an art, but this Boston concept takes that idea to a whole new level. Liquid Art House is not only an innovative restaurant — it's a fully-functioning art gallery. From the pieces adorning the walls to the furniture, down to the glassware and plates, everything is for sale.

What's Bubbling in the Beverage Industry?

Curious about the state of the beverage industry? Craving more insights on trends? Quench your thirst for knowledge in this "On Foodable Insight Series" episode. Joining host Bill Bender are Nick Fosberg, senior manager for Program Compliance at the National Restaurant Association, and Rachel Speckan, the national wine director of City Winery

French 75 Named After a Cannon? Its Power-Packing Cocktails Prove It

Perhaps one wouldn't expect a 1920s French-themed bar to do so well in modern-day times, but this classic concept is more than just a New Orleans icon. Arnaud's French Bar 75 has been named a James Beard finalist in the "Outstanding Bar Program" category for two years in a row, and head bartender Chris Hannah was even nominated for the 2016 Tales of the Cocktail "Bartender of the Year." 

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Bye Bye, Beer — Gen Y Is All About the Wine

By Lesley Jacobs Solmonson, Drinks Editor

A study released by the Wine Market Council earlier this year stated that, as of January 1, 2016, every Millennial is officially of legal drinking age. In fact, according to the WMC, 36% of Gen   Y-ers are drinking wine compared to 34% of Boomers with Gen Y wine consumption up 10% over the last two years. Whether these numbers are exact or, as some have said, somewhat exaggerated, wine producers have jumped on the Millennial bandwagon offering up novel approaches to wine advertising and consumption that cater to this generation’s demand for a challenging triumvirate of novelty, quality, and value.

If You Box It, They Will Drink

Balancing these elements is a collection of new brands that have been developed with the Millennial in mind, as well as established companies pushing the development envelope. Boxed wine is ripe for Millennial engagement, tapping into their lack of pretension coupled with a willingness to try what those before scorned. Further, there is a sort of hip, eco-appeal to boxed wine since it leaves a smaller footprint. Public House with its “Love Wine, Hate Pretension?” slogan zeroes in on the Gen Y zeitgeist. The brown cardboard packaging with black block letters appeals to this gen’s sense of clean, uncluttered style.

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Below, we share some of our favorite shots from our travels around the country. Enjoy!