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Smog City Shows Off LA's Creative Craft Brewing Scene

On this episode of "Beer Artisan," we see how LA’s young breweries have fostered a tightly-knit community with brewers who are not afraid to push the envelope. Los Angeles' brew scene is fairly young with some of the city's veteran breweries only dating back to 2011. 

This Season's Fires are Devastating California's Wine Industry

The wildfires in California's Napa Valley area have been devastating on all fronts. As of October 11, six major fires have been responsible for burning through nearly 88,000 acres & five wineries have been totally burned down or have been significantly burned this season.

Craft Beer Acquisitions: Sellouts or Success Stories?

Many small and independent craft breweries are being acquired by beer giants. Most recently, the debate on what it truly means to be a craft brewer and consumer sentiments towards independent brewers who have been acquired by non-craft beer giants have sparked curiosity.

Global Wine Prices May Increase Due to Extreme Weather Occurrences

Weather is at the top of every vintner’s minds when it comes to ensuring quality and quantity of their grapes come harvest time. Extreme weather events always take a toll on a vineyard if exposed for too long to extreme temperatures— high or low.

Cigar City Says Tampa Brew Scene has Room To Grow

The city of Tampa, Fla. has a rich history surrounding Cuban cigars and a man known as Vincente Ybor. Cigar City Brewing, a beer company aptly named after the Cuban cigar production brought to Tampa Bay by Ybor, uses the history of the city to guide their work.

From Clubs to Inexpensive Private Labels– Read About This #WineTrend

Whether people are drinking more wine to get through the week #WineWednesday or to simply save the wine bottle corks for their next Pinterest project, wine culture has become increasingly popular in the U.S. showing a steady upwards growth in consumption year over year.

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Understanding the Basics while Exploring New Approaches to Wine and Cheese Pairing

By Greg Acinapura, Industry Expert

Earlier this month, at an exclusive event in a Philadelphia restaurant, Bistro Romano, two very different distributors met for a night of palette symphony.  While one distributer, Vintus, focused on the aging and fermentation of grapes, the other distributer, DiBruno Brothers, focused on the aging and fermentation of milk. The harmony was undeniable to the small crowd of people who came for a lesson in building wine and cheese pairings.  While the classic pairings have been around for centuries (Chianti Classico and Parmigiano Reggiano, or Chardonnay and Camembert, for example), the modernists of Generation X and Y have disrupted the old world norms and are more open to exploring contrasts instead of compliments.  

Although the group was certainly ready to throw out the old guard rules to pairing, they did actually want to understand the fundamentals.  As with any meal, the consumer should begin with more subtle flavors to wake the tongue and then work their way to heavier and more complex tastes and textures.  This could not be more true for wine and cheese.  Which brought us to our first basic rule— cleanse the palette!  Throughout the day, taste buds take a beating.  Coffee in the morning, quick lunch in the early afternoon, gum, snacking, talking; all of these contribute to the taste buds being overworked and therefore not able to pick up on subtle nuances.  How to cleanse, you ask?  BUBBLES! Champagne, Prosecco, or Sparkling Rose are a great way to get the taste buds to stand at attention.  We elected to start with a Prosecco called Tenuta Filodora from the Veneto Region. 

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