Phoenix Top 25 Restaurants: February 2015

Welcome to the Top 25, Phoenix, Ariz.! This fine city joined Foodable at the beginning of the year and we’re excited to see what culinary creativity Phoenix will bring to the table. From pan-Asian to Organic American, and fresh Mex to authentic Italian, diners will be delighted to find everything under the sun in the Valley of the Sun.

Without further ado, let’s introduce a few of the restaurants who’ve made the Top 25 cut and have set the bar for Phoenix’s food scene!

Elements Restaurant, known for its use of local produce, sustainable seafood and hormone-free meats, sits atop the throne at No. 1 with a score of 181.29. Elements has a cutting-edge kitchen and diverse menu options -- including vegetarian and gluten-free meals --, but focuses primarily on farm-fresh American flavor with accents of Asian inspiration. It’s no wonder that this tantalizing twist appealed to palates across Phoenix.  

Less than a point behind in second place is Beckett’s Table, an upscale casual with homey American comfort. Looking for a place that breaks culinary borders? Visit No. 3, Posh Improvisational Cuisine! Its kitchen concept is exactly as its name implies -- guests walk in, tell the chef their preferences and dietary restrictions, and then the staff uses modern and seasonal ingredients to take the diners’ taste buds on an adventure.  

Take a peek at the full list below and see what Phoenix has to offer!

Asian Style Oysters at Elements  | YELP, Cliff H.

Asian Style Oysters at Elements | YELP, Cliff H.

Goma ramen at Posh Improvisational Cuisine   | YELP, Takuya K.

Goma ramen at Posh Improvisational Cuisine  | YELP, Takuya K.

Tea-a-misu at The Clever Koi  | YELP, Pepper T.

Tea-a-misu at The Clever Koi | YELP, Pepper T.

Dessert soufflé at Beckett's Table  | YELP, J N.

Dessert soufflé at Beckett's Table | YELP, J N.

RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 Elements 181.29 Play Video
2 Beckett's Table 180.93 Play Video
3 Posh Improvisational Cuisine 178.65  
4 The Clever Koi 178.62  
5 Pizzeria Bianco 178.31  
6 Pig and Pickle 178.23  
7 The Stand 176.39  
8 Souther Rail 176.37  
9 Caffe Boa 174.71  
10 Binkley's Restaurant 174.29  
11 Culinary Dropout 174.21  
12 Rancho Pinot 173.94  
13 Mastro's Steakhouse 173.74  
14 Blue Wasabi 172.25  
15 Citizen Public House 172.19  
16 Sassi 171.94  
17 True Food Kitchen 171.29  
18 Grass Roots Kitchen 170.87  
19 The Revival 170.48  
20 Chelsea's Kitchen 169.63  
21 Quiessence Restaurant at The Farm 168.74  
22 Roaring Fork 168.28  
23 T. Cook's 167.73  
24 District American Kitchen & Wine Bar 167.31  
25 FnB Restaurant 167.11