Philadelphia Top 25 Restaurants: February 2015

The city of Philly continues to fill its diners with delicious eats this month. Some familiar faces have made their long-awaited return to the Top 25, but for the most part, the same restaurants have been rotating amongst the rankings.

While all of these establishments have been vying for the top spot, it’s the newbie that still reigns supreme. High Street on Market, which made its debut in last month’s countdown at No. 1, is still the leading the boards with an improved score of 178.37. With its Contemporary American cuisine that fuses a myriad of food cultures together, it’s no surprise High Street on Market’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering menus are making a statement in Philadelphia.

Diners, if you’re craving a traditional Vietnamese meal, look no further. Let’s welcome back Pho 75, which last appeared on the Top 25 in November 2014. It may have barely squeezed through the door at No. 24, but its food and service is like no other.

There are some more old favorites who re-emerged into the Top 25. Say hello to Kanella at No. 6 and Santucci’s at No. 22. These restaurants were last seen in July 2014, but hopefully this new year will foreshadow their new successes.  

Check out the complete list below!

Breakfast Pastrami Sandwich at High Street on Market  | YELP, Melissa P.

Breakfast Pastrami Sandwich at High Street on Market | YELP, Melissa P.

Frozen Grand Marnier Souffl  é at Bibou  | YELP, John R.

Frozen Grand Marnier Soufflé at Bibou | YELP, John R.

Porchetta at Le Virtu  | YELP, Holly T.

Porchetta at Le Virtu | YELP, Holly T.

Italian Seafood Grill at Little Nonna's  | YELP, BostonBestEats X.

Italian Seafood Grill at Little Nonna's | YELP, BostonBestEats X.

RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 High Street on Market  178.37  
2 Le Virtu  178.28  
3 Bibou  177.72  
4 Little Nonna's  177.29  
5 Vedge  177.12  
6 Kanella  174.72  
7 Serpico  173.37  
8 Vernick Food & Drink  173.01  
9 Laurel  172.12  
10 Blackfish  171.29  
11 Fitler Dining Room  170.92  
12 NOORD eetcafe  168.71  
13 Will BYOB  168.33  
14 Sbraga  167.95  
15 Fond  167.19  
16 Birchrunville Store Cafe  166.81  
17  166.43  
18 Talula's Daily  165.67  
19 Avance  165.29  
20 Federal Donuts  164.91  
21 Pub & Kitchen  163.93  
22 Santucci's  162.93  
23 Abe Fisher  162.19  
24 Pho 75  160.83  
25 John's Roast Pork  160.45