New York City Top 25 Restaurants: April 2018

Temperatures are finally starting to warm up again and we are all beginning to make our way out of our fleece blanket cocoons and back out into the concrete jungle. In anticipation of your spring and summer food adventures, Foodable Labs has churned out its latest ranking of the best restaurants in New York City!

With a little movement in the NYC Top 25, we have 5 restaurants BRAND NEW to the list.

At No. 1 we have newcomer Simon and the Whale, a beautiful neighborhood restaurant designed by Roman and Williams that draws its culinary inspiration from the American coasts. Nestled into the Freehand New York, the restaurant got its name from Owner Gabriel Stulman who was inspired by the whale-patterned gifts his son, Simon, had been receiving. Chef Matt Griffin created an American menu for the concept with several raw seafood starters, simple options like a fish sandwich with coleslaw, and more demanding dishes like the roast guinea hen. If you’re trying to kill two birds with one stone, Stulman also runs Studio upstairs at the Freehand, the No. 6 ranked restaurant on our list.

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At No. 2 is newcomer La Mercerie, a Stephen Starr restaurant helmed by chef Marie Aude Rose. The restaurant serves simple but refined French cuisine, but the kicker is that the restaurant is housed in a furniture and design store, Roman and Williams Guild. The store actually owns La Mercerie where guests can enjoy an elegant meal and then take home the plateware off which it was served. The plates, napkins, tableware, candlesticks and even the tables are all available for purchase.

Rounding out the top 3 is veteran Public Kitchen, but with mixed reviews, I think it’s more important to highlight our No. 4 ranked restaurant, Marc Forgione. Forgione has been consistently ranked at number 5 in Foodable’s Top 25 list since the start of 2017 so this step up to No. 4 is worth noting. Plus, any restaurant who can hold their rank that long, clearly has something to show.

Other newcomers to the list include Annicka, I Sodi, Legacy Records, and Wildair, though Wildair has made an appearance on our list in the past. Though they dropped off last year, it looks like they’re fighting to keep up with the front-runners.

Check out the full list below to start planning your next dining experience!

New York City Top 25 Restaurants

  1. Simon and the Whale | 186.99 
  2. La Mercerie | 186.91
  3. Public Kitchen  | 186.61
  4. Marc Forgione | 186.56 
  5. Tutto il Giorno | 186.05
  6. Studio at the Freehand  | 185.93
  7. Italienne | 185.91
  8. Peasant | VIDEO | 185.81 
  9. Annicka  | 185.55 
  10. Empellón  | 185.11 
  11. I Sodi  | 185.09 
  12. Legacy Records  | 184.55 
  13. Le Coucou  | 184.35 
  14. Nur  | 184.06
  15. Marta  | 183.78 
  16. Fairfax  | 183.09 
  17. Emily  | 182.77 
  18. Ferris  | 182.51 
  19. The Pool  | 182.45
  20. JeJu Noodle Bar  | 182.37
  21. Temple Court  | 182.13
  22. Momofuku Noodle Bar | 181.81
  23. Alta  | 181.49
  24. Wildair | 181.02 
  25. Pig Bleeker | 180.85

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