New Orleans Top 25 Restaurants: August 2017

The restaurant industry in New Orleans is exemplary of endurance, hard work and strong community ties. From rebuilding after a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina, serving as a social hub to provide normalcy to the community in a time of need, to becoming a major driver of the city’s economy, recently leading in restaurant openings across the nation. NOLA, as the Big Easy has been popularly called in the last decade, serves as a great model to follow for places like Houston, Texas, the Florida Keys and even Puerto Rico, which all have suffered major hits from hurricanes in 2017.

Today, we bring you details on the best restaurants which have landed on Foodable’s New Orleans Top 25 list.

Balise, a Top 25 veteran, not only made the Top 10 list, but also stole the coveted No. 1 spot after placing No. 12 in our last ranking. It is owned and operated by the same people that are behind La Petite Grocery, which ranks at No. 15 in this list.

Other veterans that join Balise in the Top 10 list, include; St. Roch Market at No. 5, Paladar 511 at No. 6, and Pêche at No. 10, each previously ranking at No. 19, No. 13, and No. 15, respectively.

After a long hiatus, Cochon Butcher is back at No. 2 demonstrating a big jump in ranking. We hadn’t seen this swine-forward restaurant grace our Top 25 list since 2015, but last time Foodable was in NOLA we were sure to stop by to check it out. Watch the Fast Casual Nation episode, here.

At No. 3, you can find N7, the hidden, underground French bistro that keeps proving to be successful without any online presence. Though the restaurant doesn’t have a company website or social media handles, that doesn’t stop adventurous visitors from talking and posting about it online.

Two newcomers to the Top 25 list, are: Brigtsen’s Restaurant at the No. 11 spot and Clancy’s at No. 18. Brigtsen’s is named after its owners, Chef Frank, and his wife, Marna Brigtsen, boasting Creole/Acadian cooking. An interesting plate to try is the Brigtsen’s Baked Oyster with bacon, leeks, creamed spinach and romano.

Lastly, back to the hot list after a short hiatus, are: Avo at No. 22, Boucherie at No. 23, and Galatorie’s at No. 25.

New Orleans foodies get ready to dig in!

  1. Balise | 178.69 
  2. Cochon Butcher | VIDEO | 178.51
  3. N7 | 178.49 
  4. Compère Lapin | 178.44 
  5. St. Roch Market | 177.61 
  6. Paladar 511 | 177.49 
  7. Coquette | 176.97 
  8. Josephine Estelle | 175.97 
  9. MOPHO | VIDEO | 175.94
  10. Pêche | 175.92 
  11. Brigtsen's Restaurant | 175.66 
  12. Cavan | 175.19 
  13. Sac-a-Lait | 175.11 
  14. Salon by Sucré | 174.91 
  15. La Petite Grocery | 174.58 
  16. Angeline | 174.55 
  17. Toups' Meatery | 174.29 
  18. Clancy's | 173.99 
  19. Sylvain | 173.64 
  20. Bacchanal Wine | 173.29 
  21. McClure's at NOLA Brewing | 173.16 
  22. Avo | 173.05 
  23. Boucherie | 172.81 
  24. ROOT | VIDEO | 172.64
  25. Galatorie's | 172.57

New Orleans Top 25 Restaurants: August 2016

New Orleans is often known as the "Big Easy" and we're about to make it a little easier — if you're trying to decide where to eat, at least. Foodable is back with another round of the Top 25. Which restaurants reigned supreme in August? While we saw four new restaurants enter the game in the last New Orleans Top 25, this ranking is completely packed with seasoned veterans, and they're all hitting hard with increased overall scores across the board.

Sitting at the top of the throne is N7 at No. 1 with a score of 178.33. An impressive feat, considering it just debuted in the last Top 25 at No.9 with a score of 173.54. How did this hidden, underground French bistro make a five-point jump and take the top rank in such a short amount of time? Let's just say N7's menu is pretty unique. (Eels on bread and tempura-fried escargot, anyone?) Following close behind, separated by less than half a point, is Compère Lapin in second place. This sophisticated, Caribbean concept is a strong contender, as it has ranked first multiple times in the New Orleans Top 25.

We should also clap our hands for District Donuts Sliders & Brew. This fun and funky fast casual that serves up completely made-from-scratch doughnuts (even down to their sprinkles!) and made-fresh-to-order, hormone-free meat sliders made a giant leap from No. 20 to now landing in the Top 10. And speaking of giant leaps, Coquette was not shy about their increased score. At 178.02, this Southern cuisine restaurant jumped from No. 18 to No. 3 on this Top 25. No flirting around here! It's pretty clear to see this concept was dedicated to upping its customer experience. 

Ready to dig in, NOLA? Read the full list below.

RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 N7 178.33  
2 Compère Lapin 178.06  
3 Coquette 178.02  
4 Willa Jean 177.39  
5 Root 176.72 Play Video
6 MOPHO 176.34 Play Video
7 Angeline 176.05  
8 McClure's at NOLA Brewing 175.97  
9 Josephine Estelle 175.64  
10 District Donuts Sliders & Brew 175.6 Play Video
11 Sac a Lait 175.38  
12 Balise 175.23  
13 Paladar 511 174.86  
14 Salon by Sucré 174.71  
15 Pêche 174.55  
16 Sylvain 174.49  
17 Cavan 174.38  
18 The Company Burger 174.12  
19 St. Roch Market 174.04  
20 Revel Cafe & Bar 174.02  
21 Primtivo 173.06  
22 Toups' Meatery 172.55  
23 Rebellion Bar & Urban Kitchen 172.34  
24 La Petite Grocery 172.13  
25 Bacchanal Wine 171.92  

New Orleans Top 25 Restaurants: May 2016

Did you miss us, New Orleans? Now that summer is right around the corner, here are the Top 25 restaurants heating things up with fired-up dishes. Returning champion Compère Lapin, with its sophisticated, Caribbean fare, once again leads the board at No.1. In second place is Willa Jean, performing higher than its previous No. 3 position. More consumers were drawn to its retro-chic style, Southern menu, and beverage selections.

Still, those aren't the only brands we should be congratulating. Four new restaurants have made their debut onto the New Orleans Top 25! At No. 4 is Primitivo, a restaurant with a sleek design, choice cuts, and seasonal sides. Southern-inspired and Italian restaurant Josephine Estelle landed at No. 8, delivering guests a bold, seasonal, and craft-centric experience.  

But one of the most unique on the list would be No. 9-placer, N7. This hidden, underground French bistro has been dubbed the best kept secret and the most hipster restaurant of all time. It opened discreetly in the Ninth Ward, echoing NOLA's past of speakeasies and pop-ups. Also, Foodable welcomes No. 12 Revel Cafe & Bar to the Top 25, a restaurant tantalizing tastebuds with craft cocktails by legendary bartender Chris McMillian and gourmet sandwiches and small plates by Chef Jose Ayala.

See the full list below! 









RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 Compère Lapin 177.00  
2 Willa Jean 176.15  
3 Angeline 174.60  
4 Primitivo 174.56  
5 MOPHO 174.52 Play Video
6 Sac a Lait 174.03  
7 Root 173.64 Play Video
8 Josephine Estelle 173.57  
9 N7 173.54  
10 McClure's at NOLA Brewing 173.31  
11 Salon by Sucré 173.11  
12 Revel Cafe & Bar 173.05  
13 Balise 172.56  
14 St. Roch Market 172.51  
15 Cavan 172.44  
16 Sylvain 172.13  
17 Paladar 511 172.02  
18 Coquette 171.70  
19 Toups' Meatery 171.27  
20 District Donuts Sliders & Brew 171.08 Play Video
21 Rebellion Bar & Urban Kitchen 170.84  
22 La Petite Grocery 170.41  
23 Avo 169.98  
24 Galatoire's 169.77  
25 Pêche  169.55  

New Orleans Top 25 Restaurants: January 2016

Topping the list off at No. 1 is Compère Lapin, the elegant European and Caribbean inspired eatery in New Orleans' Warehouse District. Joining Compère Lapin to make up the top five restaurants are Root, Willa Jean, Salon by Sucré and St. Roch Market

Making a return appearance on the list after over a year absence is the St. James Cheese Company, a small market and sandwich shop that has morphed into a local hangout spot. Also returning to the list after lengthy absences are Paladar 511, Upperline and Galatoire's.

Check out the full list below!  

Pumpkin Pie at Willa Jean  | Facebook

Pumpkin Pie at Willa Jean | Facebook

Housemade Greek Yogurt at Salon by Sucré  | Facebook

Housemade Greek Yogurt at Salon by Sucré | Facebook

Half Chicken and Leek Ash at Compère Lapin  | Facebook

Half Chicken and Leek Ash at Compère Lapin | Facebook

Torchon of Foie Gras at Root  | Facebook

Torchon of Foie Gras at Root | Facebook

RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 Compère Lapin 178.51  
2 Root 177.59 Play Video
3 Willa Jean 176.29  
4 Salon by Sucré 176.11  
5 St. Roch Market 175.34  
6 Sac a Lait 175.29  
7 Angeline 175.16  
8 District: Donuts.Sliders.Brew 173.59 Play Video
9 The Company Burger 173.42  
10 McClure's at NOLA Brewing 172.55  
11 Bacchanal Wine 172.49  
12 MOPHO 171.68 Play Video
13 Paladar 511 171.59  
14 Balise 171.44  
15 Sylvain 170.81  
16 Coquette 170.39  
17 Toups' Meatery 170.11  
18 Rebellion Bar & Urban Kitchen 170.03  
19 La Petite Grocery 169.94  
20 Avo 169.34  
21 Pêche 169.29  
22 Boucherie 169.22  
23 St. James Cheese Company 168.57  
24 Upperline 168.24  
25 Galatoires 167.92  

New Orleans Top 25 Restaurants: November 2015

In what’s become proper fashion, this month’s New Orleans Top 25 restaurants, pulled from the Restaurant Social Media Index’s November data, is completely shaken up from past months.

Willa Jean, which was introduced to the ranking for the first time in September 2015, jumps up three spots to claim No. 1 for the first time, with a Social Score of 176.54. Located in the Central Business District downtown, Willa Jean is a chef-driven contemporary bakery with chefs John Besh, Kelly Fields, and Lisa White at the helm. The 80-seat venue offers a modern twist on southern food, and serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

At No. 2 is Salon by Sucré, a restaurant making the list for the very first time and, interestingly, is tied with St. Roch Market (technically both hold the No. 2 spot). In total, this month introduces three new restaurants to the ranking, and The Company Burger makes a reappearance for the first time since April. 

Check out the full rankings below!

Vegetable gratin on cast iron at Willa Jean  | Instagram @willjeanbakery

Vegetable gratin on cast iron at Willa Jean | Instagram @willjeanbakery

Curry Mussels at PDR in St. Roch Market  | Instagram @yuedazhi

Curry Mussels at PDR in St. Roch Market | Instagram @yuedazhi

A Croque Benedict at Salon by Sucré  | Instagram @salonbysucre

A Croque Benedict at Salon by Sucré | Instagram @salonbysucre

Fire roasted turnips & fennel, mushrooms, handmade beet pasta, and shallot crema at Sac-a-Lait  | Instagram @sacalaitnola

Fire roasted turnips & fennel, mushrooms, handmade beet pasta, and shallot crema at Sac-a-Lait | Instagram @sacalaitnola

RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 Willa Jean 176.54  
2 Salon by Sucré 175.49  
3 St. Roch Market 175.49  
4 Sac-a-Lait 175.14  
5 Compère Lapin 174.91  
6 Angeline 174.91  
7 Root 174.89 Play Video
8 The Company Burger 174.53  
9 McClure's Barbecue at NOLA Brewing 174.52  
10 MOPHO 174.51 Play Video
11 Sylvain 174.11  
12 La Petite Grocery 174.03  
13 District Donuts. Sliders. Brew 174.02 Play Video
14 Bacchanal Wine 173.88  
15 Balise 173.73  
16 Coquette 173.58  
17 Avo 173.58  
18 Pêche 173.13  
19 Domenica 172.98  
20 Cochon Butcher 172.83  
21 Roux Carré 172.54  
22 Toups' Meatery 172.52  
23 Rebellion Bar & Urban Kitchen 172.45  
24 Compère Lapin 172.36  
25 Boucherie 172.20