Detroit Top 25 Restaurants: August 2016

It’s a great time to be a foodie in Detroit. Thanks to low-cost real estate and urban farming, the Motor City is becoming a culinary mecca to rival even the most food-centric cities in the country. And with an average of one new and buzz-worthy restaurant opening each month, its no wonder the number one spot on the August 2016 Detroit Top 25 was snagged by a newcomer. Enter Standby.

Located in the heart of Detroit’s Belt Alley in Downtown, this cocktail-centric bar and restaurant offers a space that’s as creative and dynamic as their menu. From the brick exterior to its converted elevator shaft entrance, Standby’s cool neighborhood vibe pairs perfectly with locally-sourced menu items like Shrimp Escabeche, prepared with lemongrass, fresno, and cilantro, and Duck Salad, served with marcona almonds, blue cheese, and a Dijon vinaigrette. Equally as important: the Standby’s extensive cocktail list, which showcases ingredients like gin, agave, brandy and whiskey.

While social consumer data by Foodable Labs revealed many familiar names on this
quarter’s Detroit Top 25 (Selden Standard went from first to second; Roast went from second to third; and Wright & Co. went from third to fourth) there were two additional newbies that prove to be heating up the Detroit dining scene with Asian-inspired fare.

With the number five spot on the list, Katoi, which opened its doors in early 2016, calls itself, “Thai-ish,” with a menu that’s, “flavorful, balanced, medicinal, herbaceous expressive, vibrant, and loud.” Some options include like crispy spare ribs in fish sauce, caramel, apples, and pickled papaya; stir-fried water spinach; and thrice-cooked sweet potatoes sweetened with plan sugar and sherry.

The Chubby Duck, meanwhile, garnered the number 13 spot on the list, introduced Japanese street food to the Motor City, with an eclectic menu by Chef Ian Diem that includes cones, soups and salads, showcasing ingredients like eel, spicy cured salmon, quinoa and ginger.

Want to sink your teeth into the Detroit dining scene? Check out the full list below. 

Finally tried @wrightdetroit last night and absolutely loved the place 👍🏼

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Welcome to the map, Detroit food scene 🍴 Dish: Beef Cheek Pierogis Location: Detroit, Michigan Price: $$$

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RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 The Standby and the Skip 183.48  
2 Selden Standard 182.34  
3 Roast 182.02  
4 Wright & Co 181.55 Play Video
5 Katoi 180.27  
6 The Fountain at Campus Maritus 179.66  
7 La Dolce Vita 179.62  
8 Bistro 82 179.39  
9 Townhouse 179.16  
10 Pegasus 178.93  
11 Gold Cash Gold 178.7 Play Video
12 Ale Mary's Craft Beer Hall 178.47  
13 The Chubby Duck 178.31  
14 Central Kitchen + Bar 178.25  
15 Vertical Detroit 178.24  
16 London Chop House 178.12  
17 Craft Work 178.01  
18 La Dulce 177.71  
19 Chartruese 177.49  
20 Cuisine 177.27  
21 Johnny Noddle King 177.05  
22 Green Dot Stables 176.83  
23 Brooklyn Local 176.61  
24 Antietam 176.01 Play Video
25 Parks & Rec Diner 175.64  

Detroit Top 25 Restaurants: May 2016

Not a lot has changed with the top three restaurants in the May 2016 Detroit Top 25, as revealed by the social consumer data by Foodable Labs. The tops are still the same, but have switched positions (Roast moves from first to second; Wright & Co. moves from second to third; and Selden Standard moves from third to first).

While little has changed in the top three, there are some newcomers to the list: Antietam, Parks & Rec Diner, Rock City Eatery and Cafe D'Mongo's Speakeasy.

In addition to the weekend tasting and brunch menus, Antietam’s dinner menu features such favorites as parsnip apple bisque, oxtail terrine, veal osso bucco, and rack of lamb.

Parks & Rec Diner, on the other hand, presents a more laid back dining experience in a cozy, sit-down diner, which features new twists on standard breakfast favorites. They keep it local with food from suppliers like Keep Growing Detroit, Recovery Park Farms, LaBrosse Farms, Grown in Detroit, Zingermans Bakery, and Rhulig Farm.

Rock City Eatery, touting “food, booze, pie,” prides itself on an ever-changing and locally sourced menu. On it, you might find everything from spicy Brussels sprouts and poutine to Korean bowls and Spanish octopus to lamb cheeseburgers.

At the other end of the spectrum, Café D’Mongo is described as an “eclectic hipster watering hole with quirky decor featuring classic drinks and live music.” The establishment’s Facebook page warns: “We're a cast of characters you won't want to miss!” Besides the cocktails and atmosphere, the food is an array of unique choices like the chickpea fritter, soy BLT, egg and eggplant plate, and barbecue seitan.







NICOLE'S POUTINE   |   Rock City Eatery

NICOLE'S POUTINE |  Rock City Eatery

RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 Selden Standard 182.34  
2 Roast 182.02  
3 Wright & Co 181.55 Play Video
4 La Dolce Vita 179.62  
5 Bistro 82 179.39  
6 Townhouse 179.16  
7 Pegasus 178.93  
8 Gold Cash Gold 178.70 Play Video
9 Ale Mary's Craft Beer Hall 178.47  
10 Central Kitchen + Bar 178.31  
11 Vertical Detroit 178.24  
12 Craft Work 178.01  
13 London Chop House 178.01  
14 La Dulce 177.71  
15 Chartruese 177.49  
16 Cuisine 177.27  
17 Johnny Noddle King 177.05  
18 Green Dot Stables 176.83  
19 Brooklyn Local 176.61 Play Video
20 Antietam 176.01  
21 Parks & Rec Diner 175.64  
22 Inn Season Cafe 175.33  
23 Rock City Eatery 175.17  
24 Cafe d'Mongo's 174.08  
25 Marais 174.04