Miami Top 25 Restaurants: February 2018

This is an exciting time for Miami’s food scene. This Miami Top 25 list for the month of February is based on a large consumer sample set from Foodable Labs and, as it turns out, a total of 17 new restaurants have climbed onto the coveted top rankings.

The top new restaurant is ElCielo, with a score of 178.15 and ranking at No. 2. This Brickell downtown Miami eatery is located right on the banks of the river and it offers a modern signature cuisine that is inspired by Chef Juan Manuel Barrientos’ Colombian roots.

Trailing less than a point behind at a score of 178.02 is Stiltsville Fish Bar, a neighborhood restaurant located in the heart of Sunset Harbor in Miami Beach. The place offers multiple menus featuring seafood and cocktails to be enjoyed at any time of the day but especially during sunset time for a relaxed atmosphere.

At No. 4, you’ll find the third top new restaurant in our list—Stubborn Seed, with a score of 177.62. This is a concept by Jeremy Ford where honest ingredients are elevated to deliver an elegant yet satisfying dining experience. Following this Miami Beach restaurant is a more laid back Wynwood concept at No. 5, with a score of 177.53. It’s called 1-800-Lucky and it can be described as an Asian marketplace, where visitors will have their choice of seven eateries and two bars to choose from. Talk about options!

Other new restaurants on the list, include Palmar, Amelia’s 1931, Ariete, Habitat, Kiki On The River, Ofa, GLAM Vegan, Gianni’s, Nusr-Et Steakhouse, Amara at Paraiso, Ghee Indian Kitchen, K Ramen. Burger. Beer, and Shelley’s.

Did you think we were going to leave you hanging and not talk about the winner-winner chicken dinner? At No. 1, you’ll find Alter, a restaurant which first debuted in our Foodable Miami Top 25 list back in May of 2016. Although it’s not a stranger to our list, it is the first time this eatery, which features three different tasting menu options, has claimed the top spot. Talk about a major comeback— way to go Alter! 

Needless to say, with so many newcomers many veterans to the Miami Top 25 list have fallen off the grid. We can't help but wonder, how long will it take them to get back on it? Only time will tell!

For more food destinations, check out the full list below!

Source: ElCielo

Source: ElCielo

  1. Alter | 178.74
  2. ElCielo | 178.15

  3. Stiltsville Fish Bar | 178.02

  4. Stubborn Seed | 177.62

  5. 1-800-Lucky | 177.53

  6. Palmar | 177.31

  7. Amelia's 1931 | 176.48

  8. Ariete | 176.17

  9. Habitat | 176.14

  10. Kiki On The River | 176.06

  11. Ofa | 175.16

  12. GLAM Vegan | 174.11

  13. Gianni's | 174.05

  14. Nusr-Et Steakhouse | 173.55

  15. La Mar by Gastón Acurio | Video | 173.51

  16. Amara at Paraiso | 173.09

  17. Finka Table & Tap | Video | 172.99

  18. KYU | 172.85

  19. Ghee Indian Kitchen | 172.77

  20. K Ramen. Burger. Beer. | 172.59

  21. Shelley's | 172.53

  22. 27 Restaurant & Bar | 172.12

  23. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink | Video | 172.05

  24. Macchialina | 172.00

  25. The Forge | Video | 171.59

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Miami Top 25 Restaurants: February 2017

Did you miss us, Miami? The Miami Top 25 Restaurants ranking is back to bring you the heat in the best of good eats! And just when you thought these restaurants couldn't get any hotter, the scores for this batch were on fire — even higher than the ones from the last list! While veterans took the top, we had a few newcomers break into the Top 25.

At No. 1 — and talk about a major comeback — is La Mar by Gaston Acurio with a score of 174.51! The last time this restaurant appeared in our Top 25 was in January 2016. La Mar definitely made waves and returned with a vengeance. Less than a point behind at a score of 173.88 is 27 Restaurant & Bar. Will this global-inspired, American fare concept, which took the Foodable gold back in May 2016, make it back to the top in our next ranking? In third place is a Miami favorite, FINKA Table & Tap. A consistent high-scorer in our Foodable Top 25, it's clear to see Miamians have yet to tire of its Cuban-Korean-Peruvian fusion food. 

But without further ado, we have to introduce two new faces to the Miami Top 25, both that made an impressive debut in the top 10: Congratulations to Glass & Vine at No. 5 and KYU at No. 9! Glass & Vine offers European-style seafood, meat, and vegetable cuisine, cocktails, and a lush paradise indoors and outdoors. KYU caught a lot of attention with its modern Asian fare and array of drinks, so much so that it has even been nominated for the James Beard Best New Restaurant Award! Best of luck to Kyu!

Ready to dig into more juicy hotspots? Check out the full list below. 

Miami Top 25 Restaurants

  1. La Mar by Gaston Acurio | VIDEO | 174.51
  2. 27 Restaurant & Bar | 173.88 
  3. FINKA Table & Tap | VIDEO | 172.56
  4. Cypress Tavern | 172.52 
  5. Glass & Vine | 171.4 
  6. Michael's Genuine Food & Drink | VIDEO | 170.58
  7. The Forge | VIDEO | 170.48
  8. Macchialina | 170.25 
  9. KYU | 170.22 
  10. Eating House | VIDEO | 170.11
  11. Prime 112 | 169.81 
  12. Byblos | 169.53 
  13. Vagabond Kitchen & Bar | VIDEO | 169.44
  14. Canyon Restaurant | 169.24 
  15. MC Kitchen | 169.02 
  16. Edge, Steak & Bar | 168.53 
  17. Swine Southern Table & Bar | VIDEO | 168.41
  18. Yardbird | VIDEO | 168.24
  19. Il Gabbiano | 165.49 
  20. Azul | 165.44 
  21. DB Bistro Moderne | 165.3 
  22. Casa D'Angelo Ristorante | VIDEO | 165.17
  23. The Downstairs | 164.12 
  24. Pubbelly | 164.05 
  25. Alter | 163.21

Honorable Mentions: Editor-in-Chief Picks

These honorable mentions are Editor-in-Chief picks. They may not have ranked high enough to be in the Top 25, but they are notable in that they have special characteristics that make them a must-visit restaurant. Whether they are recognized in the community or have a unique personality that stands out in the industry, scored high in food sentiment, or have an outstanding design or presentation of their restaurant or brand, here are this round's Editor's favorites.

Miami Top 25 Restaurants: August 2016

The Miami Top 25 is back with higher scores than the last ranking! This list from August is made up of entirely veteran restaurants, meaning all of these restaurants have made an appearance on Foodable’s Top 25 Miami Restaurants.

Although no new restaurants make their debut on the list, we have a few restaurants returning on the list after taking a hiatus. We welcome back Canyon Restaurant, known for its Southwestern fair, the Asian Inspired Gastropub, Pubbelly, and the modern and upscale Chef Adrianne's Vineyard. We also see Uvaggio and Alter, two new restaurants from last ranking’s list return.

As for the top restaurants this ranking, Vagabond Kitchen & Bar, the upscale 50s-themed eatery with a menu of "Americana with a French twist," lands at no. 1. Making a major climb from no. 10 in the last ranking, this zagat rated Miami gem at the Vagabond Hotel is a crowded brunch spot for foodies.

At No.2, Finka Table & Tap launches from no. 9 from the last ranking. This gastropub serves Cuban fare with Peruvian and Korean influences, with a broad selection of Korean and Peruvian beers, along with local Florida micro-brews.

Rounding out this ranking’s top three is Yardbird, a fine-dining restaurant known for its southern comfort and fare and bourbon bar.

What other restaurants made this top 25 restaurant list in the competitive Miami market? Check out the full list below!

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RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 Vagabond Kitchen & Bar 170.34 Play Video
2 Finka Table & Tap 169.8  
3 Yardbird 169.78 Play Video
4 Prime One Twelve  168.7  
5 The Forge 168.37  
6 27 Restaurant & Bar 168.22  
7 Canyon Restaurant 168.11  
8 Eating House 168.07 Play Video
9 Azul  167.49  
10 Michael's Genuine Food & Drink 167.31  
11 Macchialina 167.18  
12 The Dutch  167.05 Play Video
13 Swine Southern Table & Bar 166.92 Play Video
14 MC Kitchen 166.66 Play Video
15 Il Gabbiano 166.54  
16 DB Bistro Moderne 166.53  
17 Uvaggio 165.49  
18 Alter 165.08  
19 Market 17 164.78  
20 Downst 164.57  
21 Edge, Steak & Bar 164.49  
22 Casa D'Angelo Ristorante 164.33 Play Video
23 Pubbelly 163.94  
24 Seaspice 163.62  
25 Chef Adrianne's Vineyard 163.55 Play Video

Miami Top 25 Restaurants: December 2014

So what restaurants are creating the most positive social buzz in the magic city? Foodable welcomes two new restaurants on the list this December. The social scores in this city are the lowest of all the Top 25 cities. However, the Miami scores are steadily on the rise!

After a brief hiatus from the list, Bourbon steak returns this month at No. 1, with a social score of 163.82. Yardbird stays strong at No. 2 and Red, The Steakhouse rounds out the top three.

As for the new names on the list– Hakkasan joins the Top 25 this month. Making its debut at No. 4, this exotic restaurant is known for its modern Chinese fare. Foodable also welcomes the traditional Northern Thai restaurant, Khong River House at No. 10. This concept is one of four operated by the Miami restaurant group, 50 eggs. Two other restaurants by this group consistently make the list, including this month’s No. 1 and Swine Southern Table & Bar at No. 7.

Check out the full list below! 

Organic chicken breast with aged cheddar crispy cheesy grits, english peas, and Nueske's bacon at Bourbon Steak  | YELP, Stephanie L. 

Organic chicken breast with aged cheddar crispy cheesy grits, english peas, and Nueske's bacon at Bourbon Steak | YELP, Stephanie L. 

Banana cream pie at Yardbird  | YELP, Jennifer K. 

Banana cream pie at Yardbird | YELP, Jennifer K. 

Miami Spice Ribeye at Red, The Steakhouse  | YELP, Martin O. 

Miami Spice Ribeye at Red, The Steakhouse | YELP, Martin O. 

Mango Custard at Hakkasan  | YELP, Thomas M. 

Mango Custard at Hakkasan | YELP, Thomas M. 

RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 Bourbon Steak 163.82  
2 Yardbird 160.82 Play Video
3 Red, The Steakhouse 160.55  
4 Hakkasan 159.63  
5 The Federal 159.39 Play Video
6 Blue Collar 158.74  
7 Swine Southern Table & Bar 158.73 Play Video
8 SUSHISAMBA 158.09  
9 MC Kitchen 157.82  
10 Khong River House 157.82  
11 Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink 157.22  
12 Market 17 156.61  
13 The Forge 156.02  
14 The Cypress Room 155.72  
15 Zuma 155.26  
16 Prime One Twelve 155.17  
17 Canyon Restaurant 155.08  
18 Casa De Angelo 154.99  
19 Meat Market 154.9  
20 Macchialina 154.83  
21 Tongue & Cheek 154.82 Play Video
22 The Dutch 154.72  
23 Wynwood Kitchen & Bar 153.83 Play Video
24 Area 31 153.72 Play Video
25 Steak 954 153.11  

Miami Top 25 Restaurants: November 2014

This month's Miami list features some major shifts. If you have been following the list– you should recognize all the names. This November ranking consists of all Miami Top 25 veterans. However, quite a few return after not placing for the last few months.

The upscale oyster bar restaurant, The Dutch in the heart of Miami's South Beach launches from no. 18 last month to snag the no. 1 spot this November. The no. 2 restaurant, Yardbird also makes a significant climb from no. 17 and last month's victor SUSHISAMBA rounds out the top three.

Some of the notable returning restaurants are Tongue & Cheek at no. 7, Pubbelly at no. 9, Zuma at no. 11, Prime One Twelve at no. 12, DB Bistro Moderne at no. 18, and lastly Eating House at no. 21. Welcome back on the list!

Check out the full list below!

Pan seared sole at The Dutch  | YELP, Lulsa C. 

Pan seared sole at The Dutch | YELP, Lulsa C. 

Mac & Cheese at Yardbird  | Yelp, Meg O. 

Mac & Cheese at Yardbird | Yelp, Meg O. 

Duck confit gyoza w/soy brown butter, pumpkin puree & crushed almonds at SUSHISAMBA  | YELP, Jaye V. 

Duck confit gyoza w/soy brown butter, pumpkin puree & crushed almonds at SUSHISAMBA | YELP, Jaye V. 

Crab cake, citrus salad at Steak 954  | YELP, Tony Y. 

Crab cake, citrus salad at Steak 954 | YELP, Tony Y. 

RANK Restaurant Social Score
1 The Dutch 162.85
2 Yardbird 162.17
4 Steak 954 160.74
5 Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink 159.73
6 The Forge 159.71
7 Tongue & Cheek 158.74
8 The Federal 157.65
9 Pubbelly 156.94
10 Bourbon Steak 156.93
11 Zuma 156.64
12 Prime One Twelve 156.38
13 Canyon Restaurant 156.37
14 Casa De Angelo 155.82
15 Meat Market 155.48
16 Swine Southern Table & Bar 155.09
17 Wynwood Kitchen & Bar 154.78
18 DB Bistro Moderne 154.27
19 Lure Fish Bar 153.89
20 Makoto 153.85
21 Eating House 153.71
22 Prime Italian 153.37
23 Market 17 152.70
24 MC Kitchen 152.65
25 Chef Adrianne's Vineyard 152.03