Los Angeles Top 25 Restaurants: February 2017

Los Angeles is called the "City of Angels" for a reason —  with all of its downright "to-dine-for" restaurants, how can it not be foodie heaven? Let's see how the scoreboard played out for this round of the Los Angeles Top 25!

No. 1 is truly unique. Not only did it take the throne for this ranking, but it also completely beat out the usual hard-hitters of the LA Top 25. Yup, that's right — first place is a Top 25 first-timer. Talk about a grand debut! P.Y.T. is a vegetarian-centric concept and sits comfortably with a score of 179.65. With its eco-chic vibe, locally sourced dishes, and juiced cocktails, we're sure it'll continue to "grow" on LA diners.

In second place is Hatchet Hall, less than a point behind at 178.91. This edgy restaurant with a hidden spirits bar and interesting décor (taxidermied animals, anyone?) deserves some special recognition, considering it made a huge jump from No. 22 in the last LA Top 25. Kudos to Hatchet Hall for its unprecedented climb. Capping off the top three is Ink., but this hip, minimalist concept is no stranger to bronze — it's been No. 3 before. Will it finally break out of its third-place curse?

On another note, P.Y.T. wasn't the only newbie to land on the Top 25. Congratulations to Italian restaurant Officine BRERA at No. 4 and Korean-Japanese-Latin American fusion concept Terra Cotta at No. 6! It's not easy breaking into the Top 25, especially in the top 10 on the first go, but hey, crazier things have happened.

Looking for a crazy good foodie adventure? Look no further than the list below!

Los Angeles Top 25 Restaurants

  1. P.Y.T. | 179.56 
  2. Hatchet Hall | 178.91 
  3. Ink. | 178.31 
  4. Officine BRERA | 178.13 
  5. Terra Cotta | 177.91 
  6. Alimento | 177.55 
  7. Gjusta | 176.71 
  8. Spago | VIDEO | 175.91
  9. Animal | 175.61 
  10. Butchers & Barbers | 175.49 
  11. Gjelina | 175.18 
  12. Maude | 175.11 
  13. Baco Mercat | 174.87 
  14. Bestia | 174.55 
  15. Leona | 174.31 
  16. Fishing with Dynamite | 174.25 
  17. Republique | 174.02 
  18. Rustic Canyon Wine Bar | 173.94 
  19. Love & Salt | VIDEO | 173.63
  20. Cassia | 173.51 
  21. Sqirl | 173.32 
  22. Culina Modern Italian | 173.01 
  23. AOC | 172.71 
  24. Eggslut at Grand Central Market | 172.7 
  25. Odys + Penelope | 172.61

Honorable Mentions: Editor-in-Chief Picks

These honorable mentions are Editor-in-Chief picks. They may not have ranked high enough to be in the Top 25, but they are notable in that they have special characteristics that make them a must-visit restaurant. Whether they are recognized in the community or have a unique personality that stands out in the industry, scored high in food sentiment, or have an outstanding design or presentation of their restaurant or brand, here are this round's Editor's favorites.

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