Portland Top 25 Restaurants: May 2016

One thing remains constant on the Portland food scene: the food. It’s phenomenal. And the greatness isn’t limited to a certain stable of establishments, as demonstrated by this month’s Top 25 PDX Restaurants.

In fact, there are three newcomers to the Top 10 alone — Maurice, Langbaan, and Pok Pok.

Portland is known for exotic Thai flavors and Langbaan and Pok Pok are putting Portland on the map.

And, bringing French influences to the table, Maurice is a “modern luncheonette,” serving a variety of pastries, Nordic-French fare, coffee, and even cocktails.

Also new to the Top 25 are Bamboo Sushi NW, which claims to be the world’s first certified sustainable sushi restaurant; Olympia Provisions SE, which has evolved from its days as the city’s first salumeria to being renowned for fine European-style dishes; Clyde Common, a European-style tavern; and Nostrana’s regional Italian fare.

But don’t worry; the list hasn’t changed that much. Some old favorites are still among the Top 5 like pizza fave Apizza Scholls, Taylor Railworks’ American cuisine, and Ataula, featuring a modern Spanish ‘tapeo’ culture.  

Check out the full Top 25  old and new, tried and true  below, as ranked through the social consumer data by Foodable Labs.

Khao Soi at Pok Pok  | @pokpok Instagram

Khao Soi at Pok Pok | @pokpok Instagram

Short ribs at Clyde Common  | @clydecommon Instagram

Short ribs at Clyde Common | @clydecommon Instagram

Capellini with tomato butter sauce at Nostrana's  | @nostranapdx Instagram

Capellini with tomato butter sauce at Nostrana's | @nostranapdx Instagram

Salmon salad at Langbaan  | @langbaanpdx Instagram

Salmon salad at Langbaan | @langbaanpdx Instagram

RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 Le Pigeon 182.36  
2 Apizza Scholls 181.07  
3 Taylor Railworks 181.06  
4 Ataula 180.62  
5 Castagna 179.61  
6 Lardo East 179.31  
7 MÅURICE 178.40  
8 Langbaan 178.35  
9 Roe 177.14  
10 Pok Pok 177.12  
11 Aviary 176.55  
12 Bamboo Sushi NW 176.41  
13 Olympia Provisions SE 176.39  
14 Ava Gene's 176.27  
15 Clyde Common 176.12  
16 The Zipper 175.77  
17 Nomad.PDX 175.52  
18 BEAST 175.46  
19 La Moule 175.39  
20 Bollywood Theater 175.25  
21 Nostrana 175.03  
22 Farm Spirit 175.00  
23 Little Bird Bistro 174.98  
24 Ned Ludd 174.83  
25 Coquine 174.53