Restaurant Social Insights: Social Conquesting

The gauntlet is down and a few restaurant brands have already started the new tactic of social conquesting, which is similar to gaining the best targets in ads via certain bids or targeting methods. Social conquesting is one step further in customer share marketing tactics that I expect will only be getting more aggressive and accurate in its methodology. We perform this tactic today for some brands and have been able to implement new technology for targeting and habit-forming identification that builds a connection to the perfect consumer.  

We are seeing sales slowing in the restaurant space for the first time in a few years, especially in the fast casual segment. The reality is that the market is not really slowing in dining occasions that much, it’s just that some brands are taking more business from others. In the past, we have used real estate, email and traditional coupon marketing tactics to advance this role and idea. Now, it's real-time and directed at the right time with the right customer in the right context. This changes the game very quickly with a consumer that feels like you are in their head at just the right time with brand awareness. 

Amazon and Google have been doing this for years with a preferences algorithm that looks at what we search, buy and comment on from a product standpoint. The difference here is that brands can do this on the fly all based on competitive arrays on your guests. We are seeing a few brands that have already begun these strategies in a very big way with some significant results in transaction volume and frequency. Realizing that market share is real and back in the game as a key part of our business, we must begin the development of social conquesting strategies that resolve the massive choice of today’s consumers.