Breathing New Life into Napa's Oxbow Public Market

Modern-day America has swiftly adopted the public market, or so it seems.

When we look into dining trends over the past year or so, this isn't a huge shock factor: the rise of locally sourced ingredients, fresh produce and the adoption of gourmet ingredients for the at-home chef are all factors of its popularity.

Just look at the highly acclaimed Eataly in New York City, which is set to expand in Chicago next month. In New York, there are foodie-centric markets like Chinatown in Brooklyn and Union Square Greenmarket. On the emerging D.C. dining scene, there's the more recent Union Market, which has been compared to New York's Chelsea Market. 

But markets haven't always been popular, and Napa's Oxbow Public Market can vie for this. The marketplace opened in 2007 and has seen its fair share of bad days. But now, says a market tenant, business is up 15 percent in just the past year. Read More

Photo Credit: Jason Henry/SF Chronicle

Photo Credit: Jason Henry/SF Chronicle