Haloodies: UK's Newest Foodie Demographic

According to a 2011 census, approximately 5% of the UK population is Islamic, and must therefore abide by halal standards: cuisine prepared according to Islamic guidelines. This untapped market is worth £420bn globally and yet, until now, hardly marketed or catered to. 

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At the forefront of the UK halal movement are the "Haloodies," an emerging group of foodies who wish to participate in the food scene but are facing difficulties doing so, mostly because restaurants and supermarkets are lacking in halal-approved options. Contrary to popular belief, Haloodies are not just Islamic practitioners. Some in this demographic are non-Muslims who opt for halal as they would organic or free-range meat. The movement is gaining ground, as evidenced by the first gastronomic celebration of halal produce, the Halal Food Festival, which boasted nearly 20,000 attendees and included some of UK's most prominent supermarkets. Read More