Bottle Shares: Bringing Craft Beer to New Corners of the World

There's an underground beer world that many have never heard of – at least, not in the mainstream foodie scene. This society of craft beer afficionados are about as obscure as the brews they bring to meetups, the events appropriately called "bottle shares."

Bottle shares are a gathering to highlight limited edition, local craft brews from all corners of the world – harvested through travel, by swapping beers via mail around the country, and through other experiences that keep them connected in the beer world. Members include at-home brewers, but aren't required to have such qualifications.

Craft beer has been on the rise in the mainstream throughout the past couple of years. "Supporting local" is sweeping the nation, and bottle shares are a nod to this. At the core of it all is the connection we make through these special interests.

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