Virtual Farmer's Markets: Does Convenience Cramp Creativity?

We've accepted the fact that farmers are becoming more tech-savvy. There's been a handful of specialty sites and mobile apps connecting consumers, operators and chefs to local farm fare. With the influx of people demanding more "honest" food, it makes sense.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 11.07.07 AM.png

But what happens when you take the direct aspect out of farmer's market shopping? After all, doesn't that veer away from the whole point? Imagine a stranger delivering grocery bags overflowing with fresh produce to your doorstep.

Essentially, that's what Good Eggs is doing. It's an online farmer's market. I mean, everything else is available on the Internet, so why not? The service is currently available in Brooklyn, San Francisco, New Orleans and Los Angeles, but has plans of a national takeover.

The benefits: you can ensure the produce, baked goods, meats, snacks or whatever else you purchase will be available. Also, for consumers, it's an easy way to adopt healthier, more eco-conscious habits into any lifestyle. But for chefs and operators, we can't help but wonder: though this will save time, how will this affect the creative process of putting dishes together? Will there be more limitations or less? Read More