Heirloom L.A. Brings a Young Cool to the Catering Biz

These days, it seems you need to have it all to be considered a valuable entity. It's almost become expected to be a one-man-band, if you will. This is especially true in the business field. But this can also lay into businesses themselves.

Foodable WebTV Network |  Photo Credit: Heirloom L.A.

Foodable WebTV Network | Photo Credit: Heirloom L.A.

Consider Heirloom L.A., a company that's bringing a young sense of cool to catering. The Millennial of the catering biz. The pair behind the company, business partners and a couple in real life, have ownership of a private tasting room situated in a former hair salon, and a food truck that serves up delicious meals, including Heirloom's infamous lasagna cupcakes. Aside from these two components, the couple behind the company also put together collaborative dinner parties and work larger events, like weddings. The duo supports locally fresh fare, too, so each event is intimately unique. Read More