McDonald's is Expanding on Customization

McDonald's has been making a lot of news lately – mostly surrounding its new approach toward technology, thanks to its new(ish) and first-ever Chief Digital Officer. Now, the famous Golden Arches brand is making headlines for its most recent announcement of adding a third window to its drive-thrus, beginning in 2014. The brand's reasoning for this is to speed up delivery times by directing customers whose orders aren't yet ready to the third window. Meanwhile, the orders that are ready can be taken care of as they're completed.

Photo Credit: John Greim/LOOP IMAGES/Loop Images/Corbis via DailyMail

Photo Credit: John Greim/LOOP IMAGES/Loop Images/Corbis via DailyMail

According to a recent DailyMail article, analysts have reported that wait times at drive-thrus have gotten longer because of menu shifts, including higher quality products and more customizable offerings. More customizable options, of course, lead to more prep time. You may be wondering why McDonald's just doesn't cut down their offerings a bit to help scale this issue, but there's no denying that customization is what people want nowadays. We see it all over, especially in Millennial research.

Rather than scale down, McD's is actually considering an expansion of its customizable items with a new BYOB test in specific markets – that is, "build your own burger." It seems McDonald's has caught on to this fast casual-esque trend of consumers wanting more control.

This whole customizable theme also overflows into the brand's future Happy Meal toys. Apparently, 3D printers will surface in-store to build toys of preference on-the-go. Read More