An Exploration of Modern Food Culture

Do you eat to live or do you live to eat?

In a food-obsessed culture – including endless conversations about what not to eat – there’s no doubt we all have a food mantra that pulls us toward what we put into our bodies. With the rise of more organic and sustainable choices, conscious eaters have more accessibility to eat cleaner, greener, and more natural. Also on the rise this year was a trend on the complete opposite side of the scale: outrageous items, usually a combination of things, that garnered a lot of hype – think cronuts, Ramen burgers and items found on ‘secret menus.’

But how would you classify a dish of ash? Hay? Brains? In a new book called Anything That Moves, Dana Goodyear follows significant foodies in our culture to document the transformation of modern food culture. Read More

Foodable WebTV Network |  Photo Credit: NPR

Foodable WebTV Network | Photo Credit: NPR