Airports Are Upping Their Foodie Game

FCN- Sushi Maki_05.png

At Foodable, we’re big into consumer behavior and habits – there’s no question about that. Throughout the past year, we’ve seen more airport-related food stories than we can remember in years past. A terminal in LAX is home to a food truck; Heineken laid out an entire campaign at JFK Airport; and tons of hubs have been taken over, at some point or another, with notable chefs and/or restaurants. So when we recently stumbled upon The Liquor Library, located in Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport, we weren’t exactly shocked. Free samples of beer, wine and liquor at baggage claim upon your arrival in Vegas? How fitting.

Vendors have definitely taken note of this trend, outfitting higher quality food & beverage offerings in airports, thanks to consumer data reporting the rise of airport sales. Read More