A Look at 2013's Top Food Trends

Lists hold a special place in our hearts. Food lists? Other level. 

Enter 2013's 'Top 10 Food Trends.'

Generally speaking, on the cuisine front, we've seen progression and more accessibility this year: the rise of  gourmet ingredients for the at-home chef is a great example of this. Street food has taken on a more respected role within the food community, thanks to food trucks, more upscale ingredients, and unique menu offerings. The industry, overall, seems to have become more transparent (we can thank Millennials for this) and through technology and knowledge, we have shifted our control within the industry to not only mold new trends, but create them, like the potential for a seed-to-table trend.

2013-09-11 19.07.07.png
T42 - EatingHouse_01.png

Forbes' recent Top 10 list includes high-end vegan, which we recently touched on with Vedge, a Philly fine dining vegan restaurant. Also listed are wine on tap (Roam Artisan Burgers in SF was a pioneer โ€“ check out the episode here); tortas (which landed as an emerging trend in our 2012 Sandwich Power Segment Report); and tiny desserts (think Seasons 52). Read More for the full list of trends.