OLO Brings Customization to the Mobile Restaurant Experience

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 12.40.47 PM.png

There are tons of mobile apps geared toward food (here are some exceptionally good ones). But similar to reading a Yelp review, it's difficult to sift through which are actually valuable and which ones aren't. Then there are branded restaurant mobile apps – which ones are actually a smooth integration of the overall restaurant experience and which ones are just secondary clutter?

Enter OLO, a mobile/online ordering technology that several restaurant brands – Five Guys, Mooyah, and Noodles & Company are a few of their clients – are using to make mobile payments and ordering simple. And isn't that really what every consumer wants?

What takes OLO a step beyond the generic is its approach to customization. Through data, the app pulls from a user's previous orders to suggest add-ons to their current order. Think Netflix. Pretty cool, right? This is not only a win for consumers, but also for restaurants because these suggestions can obviously increase the price on a check. Another aspect that's great for restaurant operators? Because OLO lets guests pay in advance, restaurants actually lose less money and cut down on food waste because guests are more inclined to pick up their order. Read More