Chicago's Foodlife and Foodease Offer Quality, Customization

In this episode of Fast Casual Nation, we're in Chicago to get a firsthand look at two Lettuce Entertain You restaurants: foodlife and foodease. Both are changing the game when it comes to fresh, quality ingredients; customization; variety and value.

Foodlife is a multi-concept fast casual with 14 different specialty kitchens  – they offer everything from BBQ to Mexican to crepes. Its prime time is lunch, and the fast casual encapsulates everything a fast casual should stand for: giving consumers a choice and offering fresh food quickly. Paul speaks with Steve Hofferth, a LEY partner, who says, "A guest can come in literally 7 days a week and have 7 completely different experiences."

Foodease is across the way, under the same roof, and focuses on freshly prepared to-go meals – everything from a fresh salad bar to sandwiches to sushi. The Market also includes sit-down tables and a bar, so guests aren't rushed if they choose not to take the to-go route. Watch the full episode below to discover two of Chicago's gems.