A New Kind of Fine Dining in New York City

There's a special place for chefs in New York City's dining scene. No doubt, The Big Apple is full of celebrity chefs, hyped-up chefs, and those whose wait list runs booked for months. These kinds of chefs usually run the fine dining track.

But if you look closely, there's a new kind of fine dining hitting the streets of New York. One that's not usually talked about in the mainstream, but harbored amidst the locals who are actual foodies (and not just call themselves such based on their Instagram feed โ€“ you know who you are). These chefs are young and talented, but a bit more rugged (and tatted up, natch) than the clean-shaven, buttoned-up group one would associate with fine dining. Our recent trip to NYC led us to Wylie Dufresene's Alder (check out the episode below), perfectly exemplifying fine dining chefs making casual food. Read More