Food as a Lifestyle – Reality or The Real Deal

When we looked at reality TV and how to convert it to useful content and not some Housewives spinoff for restaurants, it took a while to understand the model that would resonate with not only the industry, but consumers, as well. The Food as a Lifestyle franchise is set in Miami in its first season, but has a full roster of chefs and cities in development now.

Because Every Experience with Food Should Be Shared.

Foodable is the go-to place for pro foodies, restaurant operators and brands in the industry. It’s the first site that is truly a hybrid media company that caters to a market that did not even exist five years ago. Now sporting ten shows and developing to 20 in 2014, Foodable WebTV is the largest WebTV network in restaurant & hospitality.

I have been designing websites to serve restaurant operators since 1993, and after 20 years of web development and content creation, one thing I’ve found always rings true is the importance of deep, niche content and strategies. 

Original Content is Currency.

Consumer entertainment is changing very quickly, multi-channel networks are growing, and the emergence of original content is the new currency for any great media company. Our goal with Food as a Lifestyle is to reach into the best food cities in the industry and focus on the “lifestyle” aspect of a top chef, to tell the real story of how hard it is to be in the restaurant business.

Most reality TV shows are about senseless competitions and made-up scripts that venture far from what the real story is. At Foodable, we know this is a serious business and aim to help connect the dots of the true behind-the-scenes challenges in the life of an accredited chef. Hopefully, this will help the industry to sift out the posers and reveal the true talent it takes to be in this business for decades and committed to a life-long venture.

The Era of the Social Chef.

When you look at the true chefs that began the craze of why it’s cool to be in the food business, you have to look at the growth of the chef community that is emerging in cities across the globe. Our recent report on the Top 50 Social Chefs revealed over 8,000 chefs that had a critical mass following and buzz on social that has created somewhat of a celebrity status. This is an amazing shift from when the Food Network started churning out celebrity chefs, creating mass appeal to become a star chef.

We currently track more than 25,000 emerging social chefs worldwide, and with the rise of social media, content creation and digital vehicles, we expect this number to double in the next three years. Our goal at Foodable is simple: to become the Y Combinator for food, finding the rare and talented gems in the food industry, and pair them with one of our network shows and ideas that can propel them to build their own digital brand. We think the future of these talented individuals is not a Food Network show, but instead a whole new paradigm of how content will be consumed in the next decade.

Separating the Great from the Average.

We think the market for future chefs, mixologists, food experts, sommeliers, designers and menu artisans will be so large, it will require vehicles like Food as a Lifestyle to help separate the great chefs from the average. Food as a Lifestyle will continue to build on its franchise in New York, LA, Chicago, London, and other cities worldwide. We will feature a variety of new chefs each season. Foodable is the brand-building network for the restaurant operators of the future, and this is just the beginning.

Stay tuned for the amazing Chef Adrianne Calvo on the first season of Food as a Lifestyle, and watch for our newest show creation – coming in the spring – that will break into a new area of the industry, shaking things up once again. And don’t forget: gimmicks may work for a while, but true talent lives forever.