Chefs Bring Better Quality to the Masses Through Fast Casual

We live in a world where “fast” food has taken on new meaning, where franchising has become cool, and food bloggers are worth more than caviar-encrusted lobster dipped in truffle butter.

Whether you like it or not, foodie culture has gone mainstream. This is not news-breaking stuff. It’s a concept that has been developed over the past few years, thanks to accessible infotainment like “Top Chef” and the gaggle of other shows of the same model. With this accessibility comes more demand for better quality ingredients and more transparent practices, like local sourcing.

Chefs are also paying more mind to fast casual concepts that are chef-driven and use fresh ingredients. After all, why show off your talented creations to only a select few who can afford it, rather than the masses? In the Age of Social Media, people talk. And that talk has the potential to reach hundreds, even thousands, of potential customers. Read more