Next Hot Culinary Trend: Latin Food, Say Leading Chefs

People are perking up to Peruvian food. From ceviche to anticuchos, the international cuisine is gaining more notoriety. Most recently, leading chefs like Rick Bayless and Alain Ducasse have spoken out for their appreciation of the Peruvian culinary scene.

    Last May, at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, we were fortunate to meet LA-based Chef Ricardo Zarate. With a beaming trifecta of restaurants in Los Angeles (PiccaMo-Chica and Paiche), Zarate has proven himself as a chef and has certainly done what he set out to do: bring authentic Peruvian cuisine to the States.

    His sense of pride for his country was palpable amidst all the ruckus. And it's that same passion that has taken him from LA's Peruvian Prince to an ambassador of authentic, modern international cuisine. Within the past few years, Americans have embraced Peruvian food that has filled the restaurant landscape. Read More