Chicago Chefs Reveal Their Best Meal & Restaurant of 2013

Foodable Network |  Photo Credit: Grace Restaurant

Foodable Network | Photo Credit: Grace Restaurant

What do chefs eat? And where do they choose to eat? For foodies, these questions never seem to get old. After all, chefs are at the helm of the food industry, tracking new trends and, of course, creating them – playing around with different mixtures, concoctions and pairings that the majority of us have not yet discovered.

In a recent feature by the Chicago Sun-Times, a handful of local chefs were asked what their best meal of 2013 was and their favorite place to grab a bite. Phillip Foss, Chef and Owner of EL Ideas, claims his best meal of the year was a tie between the Flora and Fauna tasting menus, which included Matsutake, beet, pink porcelain squash, sweet potato, burgundy truffle, maitake, raspberry, fig and young coconut at Flora. Fauna's indulgence consisted of chawanmushi, fall vegetables, brandade, duck, lamb, miyazaki beef, buddha's hand, pear and chocolate. 

His favorite restaurant? Grace, which just made our Chicago Foodable Top 25 for December (No. 3). Read More