Hand-held Computers Will Change the way Restaurants do Business

The restaurant menu is the newest thing to go digital.

Photo Credit: MyDesert.com

Photo Credit: MyDesert.com

Sleek, black and modern iPads are making a big splash at a few local restaurants, changing how those fine-dining establishments run their businesses.

“The days of just an old, order-taker as a server are gone,” said Tim Snyder. “It’s an interaction that has kind of come off the page, if you will, but in a different dialogue.”

Fine dining is an industry built on human interactions, but the tablet is changing that interface in a variety of ways. Tablets have become a contemporary substitute for the paper menu, creating a more knowledgeable consumer. Payments can be done tableside, taking a fraction of the time to pay a check. Some restaurants have opted to update their point-of-sale systems with tablets instead of boxy computers. Even the server’s pad has been updated to a hand-held device.

“It definitely changes the dynamic but it also streamlines the process,” said Angelica Pappas, spokesperson for the California Restaurant Association in Sacramento. “As consumers get more comfortable and understand the benefit of efficient service ... you’ll see more restaurants doing it.” READ MORE