Restaurant Social Media Index Closes in on 50 Million Restaurant Consumers

We’re a bit late to announce our RSMI Q1 2013 data, but rest assured, the numbers are in! Before we dive into the Top 10 of the Top 250 Overall Brands, we’re excited to announce that this quarter is all about new metrics, and we’re just beginning to roll out a slew of them, all to be launched throughout 2013.

Mobile and Location are key elements that have the most impact on the restaurant business today. What’s significant is the global growth of mobile use for the restaurant industry, which can lead to some innovative strategies for location-based interactions for restaurants.

Integrated social at the local level is what we like to call “the last mile of social,” and like the fiber or high-speed brethren, it’s just as important. We believe this is the next major phase and shift for brands as new local strategists are answering the big question of how to connect consumers at the local level. Read More