iPourIt: The Self Service Beer Tap that Turns Customers into Bartenders

There's nothing worse than having to wait for the bartender to get your drink.  As consumers, we can handle waiting for our meals but making us wait for alcohol is  a very different story.  Enter iPourit - the new high-tech tap system that let's you pour your own beer without the need of a server or bartender.  Using RFID technology, the iPourIt system let's customers pour beer, wine and other beverages at their leisure.  

Photo Credit: Self Service World

Photo Credit: Self Service World

The sophisticated system even protects from over-serving by limiting the amount of ounces to a pour as well as monitoring frequency and alcohol content.  As if it wasn't cool enough, the taps also have 10-inch touchscreen tablet displays that allow customers to participate in loyalty programs or connect to their favorite social media sites.

According to Self Service World, four installation variations are available to tailor the solution to restaurants and bars, casinos, cruise ships or stadiums. The Santa Ana, Calif.-based company's CEO Joseph McCarthy said the key is customization.

"If you are designing something, we can make it work in your location," he said. "We are hardware agnostic and we can retrofit."   READ MORE