Techies and Farmers Co-create the Future of Food at Hack//Meat

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Food, "Meat" Technology.

We've all heard of hackathons before. These meet-ups most commonly consist of hordes of tech nerds collaborating together on some kind of computer programming, usually somewhere in Silicon Valley. With so much knowledge in one room, it became apparent that these meet-ups could be used for the greater good, things like the sustainable meat industry. Ah.

Enter the meat-up.

At the end of June - in Silicon Valley, of course - Food+Tech Connect partnered with GRACE Communications Foundation and Applegate to host Hack//Meat Silicon Valley, where, for 48 hours, 250+ food industry leaders, technologists, creatives and entrepreneurs from across the US "gathered to co-create the future of food innovation." By bringing these completely different mindsets together, all with different skills, they were able to develop 24 tech and business models that tackled the main issues of the sustainable meat industry.

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