Uber Ice Cream Goes Global

Need a driver, preferably in a sleek, black 'VIP style' car? There's an app for that. SF startup Uber has become an emerging on-the-go service that makes traveling prep easier and, well, much cooler. And the brand doesn't plan to slow down on the cool factor part anytime soon.

For today only (July 19th), Uber is sending on-demand ice cream trucks around 33 cities. Here's the scoop: All you have to do is download the Uber app, fill in your info, request the "ice cream" option through the app, and - bam - ice cream at your doorstep/office/home/wherever you are. The best part (besides the ice cream, of course)? 1.) You don't need to whip our your wallet because all orders will be charged directly to your Uber account, and 2.) You'll also get free Uber swag. Pretty sweet, right? (Pun fully intended.) The trucks will only be riding around from 11a-5p, so make sure to act quickly! You can also join the ice cream party at #UberIceCream, so get those tweets and Instagram filters ready.

To see where the trucks are and to get more details, check out the Uber Blog here.