Museum of Food & Drink Launches Kickstarter Campaign

There are petrified wood museums, stamp museums, and even bad art museums, but there are no food museums. Not yet, anyway. Food scientist Dave Arnold, the man behind New York's Booker & Dax cocktail bar, is hoping to change that by launching the Museum of Food and Drink, or MOFAD for short. 

For the first exhibit, MOFAD is hoping to start with a bang -- literally. The museum plans to display a massive puffing gun as part of a traveling exhibit all about cereal.  In order to make the "BOOM! The Puffing Gun and the Rise of Breakfast Cereal," exhibit happen, though, MOFAD must raise $80,000 by July 20 on its recently-launched Kickstarter campaign. As of this writing, it has nearly $14,000. Read More

Update: The MOFAD Kickstarter met its $80K goal three days before its deadline. Congrats!