Gourmet Bus Offers One-of-a-Kind Dining Experience

Photo Credit: Gourmet Bus

Photo Credit: Gourmet Bus

Food and travel go hand in hand. But gourmet food on a bus? Not so much. 

We won't be quick to judge though - after hearing about Gourmet Bus, an innovative concept out of Barcelona, which offers a chef-inspired haute cuisine menu on a decked out Coach bus, designed to look like a restaurant, our interests were piqued. 

The bus offers panoramic sightseeing (it's designed with a glass roof, and there are also tables on the top deck) while patrons indulge in a 3-course lunch or dinner served by Barcelona leading restaurateur Carles Gaig.

But wait, there's more. 

Gourmet Bus is tech-savvy, too, which makes sense considering how "luxury" technology has become, especially paired with food and travel. A perfect trifecta.

Every customer is provided an iPad for the tour part - the Coach includes cameras, meaning patrons can view the beautiful city from all angles. iPads also come equipped with other entertainment channels. But with so much else going on, we can't imagine they're used much for the latter (but great for kids).

Check out the Gourmet Bus site here. 

Would you pay $140 for this experience?