Tech and Social Media, Changing the Way We Think About Food

Technology has changed everything: Not only are we able to communicate with one another more easily in real time, but we are able to become educated about issues that impact us and the world in which we live.  

One of the major ways technology is transforming our world is within the food industry. Farmers, chefs and restaurants are quickly adopting this new medium and using it to change the way they do business.

Photo Credit: Adweek

Photo Credit: Adweek

Just ask Garland McCollum, a North Carolina farmer and perfect example of how social media and technology is shaping the food industry. McCollum sold his commercial hog farm and decided to get back to the basics of farming with grass-fed, humanely treated animals. He then used social media to start a grassroots following around his farm, and has been successful ever since.  

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