BOX PARK: Everglades Meets Miami

Photo: Thrillist

Photo: Thrillist

Florida is a weird state. It's part of why we love it so much.

Where else can you find beautiful beaches, filled with notable personalities, and mucky, gator-infested terrain just a day's trip away? Or James Beard Award-Winning chefs a few hours away from those hunting their own dinner, gators and unidentifiable creatures?

If you'd prefer to be in air conditioning, but still want that Everglades flavor, look no further than Brickell's Box Park, complete with menu items like fried alligator and crispy frog legs.

The concept, which also houses more "civilized" dishes, comes from Executive Chef Matt Hinckley, who has based his career around the farm-to-table concept - local sourcing and fresh, high quality ingredients are important to him. You may recognize Hinckley as a name under Michael Schwartz, the James Beard Award-Winning chef, Founder of Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, and chef de cuisine at Harry's Pizzeria.

Between the talent and the Fire-Roasted Peppers pizza that we've got our eye on, Box Park Miami is definitely worth checking out. With no unidentifiable creature run-ins.