RSMI Shows Restaurant Consumers Are Shifting to New Social Platforms

Photo Via: Nation's Restaurant News

Photo Via: Nation's Restaurant News

 The Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI), the most expansive Index for the restaurant & hospitality industry which tracks social data from 52+ million restaurant prosumers, is certainly shaking things up in Q2 2013. The numbers are officially in, and we're seeing quite a mix-up of brands since last quarter, whether it be in the Overall Top 250, Top Social Sentiment, Top Social Engagement, or one of our new elements as of Q1 2013, mobile and location-based activity.

Diving deeper, the RSMI Q2 data shows that consumer behavior continues to shift and progress to new social platforms like YouTube, Vine and Google+. Mobile use continues to increase among the 52 million+ social restaurant consumers the Index tracks, a component top brands are continuously trying to seamlessly integrate into their digital strategy, and with the addition of mobile and location-based elements into the RSMI as of Q1 2013, we are now able to see who the top players in these areas are.

Our friends at NRN recently covered some of the trend and brand shifts here and, as always, you can view who the top social brands are for each category on the Restaurant Social Media Index site right here.

If you're a restaurant operator and want to submit your brand for free, you can do so here.  Stay tuned for our UK Index, coming soon!