The Museum of Food and Drink Enters with a Bang

Photo Credit: The Village Voice

Photo Credit: The Village Voice

In this blog post, we told you about the Kickstarter campaign for The Museum of Food and Drink, or MOFAD, for short. After successfully meeting its goal, the Museum officially opened this Saturday, but not before making a grand entrance.

New Yorkers were in for a treat when a mysterious U-Haul made of glass that carried chefs dressed in formal wear appeared, clogging the intersection at Union and Bond. They stirred up the scene with a loud noise while screaming “Fire in the hole!” before disappearing (with the truck) in a fog of white smoke.

The contraption was an old puffing gun, used to make cereals like Kix, a tool that just so happens to be one of the Museum's exhibits. Crowds were wowed as the puffing gun went off and produced mounds of puffed cereal, which they later enjoyed at an exclusive Museum party.

The party, filled with celebrity chefs, took place at the Green Building, and included a Cap’n Crunch Cake by momofuku's Milk Bar and dinner from Ma PecheRead More