Zagat's New App Challenges Yelp

Photo Credit: Daily Dish

Photo Credit: Daily Dish

Just when you thought all the hoopla of review sites were out of earshot (at least, for the time being), Zagat decided it wanted to add more to the conversation. The notable Google-owned restaurant review guide has gotten a makeover, adding more meat to its listings, including hyper-local content revolving around a specific city's food scene via local food bloggers. There are also curated lists from Zagat editors, like "Great Restaurants for Pulled Pork in Boston" and "Restaurants Where You Can Escape the Heat in Austin."

With its new mobile app, with all of the above features included, diners can search nearby restaurants through a map feature, see what the latest buzz on the foodie scene is, browse the 'List' feature, read reviews and Zagat ratings, and bookmark your favorite establishments. Pretty nifty, right?

Word on the street is the Zagat app still has some kinks to work out. If all smooths out in a matter of time, we can't help but wonder: Will Yelp be doomed? Or do you think the two platforms will hit on different markets?

It will certainly be interesting to see. Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

Want more details on Zagat's new app? Check it out here.