The RIZMYs: Celebrating the Industry's Social & Digital Rockstars

Make sure to practice your best Instagram pose and get those tweets ready — there’s a new awards ceremony in town! The RIZMY Awards, or RIZMYs for short, will showcase the best social and digital brands in the Restaurant & Hospitality industry. Think of it as the Emmys of the foodservice industry (but without the awkwardly long speeches and stiff dress codes).

The RIZMY carpet rolls out on September 24th in Scottsdale, Ariz., at the first annual Foodservice Digital Marketing Summit (FDMS), which will take place in conjunction with tech conference FSTEC NexGen. In proper fashion, the awards ceremony will include live performances, envelopes, appetizers and cocktails. Read More

Interested in getting more information about FDMS or FSTEC NexGen? Check them out here. You can also reserve a spot here.