AgLocal: Connecting Chefs to Independent Farmers

We are in the midst of a food revolution.  

Independent farmers who, for decades, have struggled to survive against competing factory farms are now gaining ground by taking advantage of new technology. As the consumer demand for locally grown, sustainable food grows, chefs are beginning to rethink their sourcing methods. This is a bit of a challenge, however, because a restaurant that seats 200 cannot possibly think to have their supply demands met by a small farm.

For independent farmers, the challenge has been supplying restaurants with the amount of meat or produce they require. A chicken only has two wings, and small farms can only produce so many chickens. So how can chefs partner with these small farms to give the consumers the food they demand?

Enter AgLocal: the startup hoping to take ethical farms mainstream. AgLocal CEO Nait Jones has worked in the tech industry for years. His knowledge of collaborative consumption gave him the idea to create an infrastructure where chefs and independent farmers could collaborate and do business together. Chefs are able to order their meat, poultry and produce from a variety of independent farmers, ensuring they can keep up with the demands of their restaurants - and local farmers have the chance to sell their products and actually earn a living.  

While this sort of collaboration between chefs and independent farmers has a long way to go, AgLocal is setting the standard for how its done, as well as potentially transforming the farming (and restaurant) business. Check out The Verge's video below to dive more into this topic, which includes some of the challenges Jones faces with building this type of innovative business.