Today Marks the Official Launch of Foodable Network



Foodable is now a reality, a dream that I had many years ago to design a platform that leverages the power of social and new media content as the landscape shifted before our very eyes in restaurant and hospitality. Now, with more than 23 million foodservice professionals and more than 20 million foodies and bloggers, this truly is a Foodable Nation. 

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How Foodable Came to Be

The plan for developing content to reach the operators, chefs, executives and industry pros of all types was set in motion with a technology platform that we developed here at DigitalCoCo, centered around collecting the largest targeted social audience in the business, culminating with the largest WebTV content platform available for industry pros.

The Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) was the first step in a plan that connected the world’s foodservice operators as well as business intelligence and consumer food habits that would eventually become the engine for Foodable Network. Content was our next step, and now with ten WebTV shows and dozens more in the works, including a reality series and native advertising production, our studios are officially open for business.  

What Sets Us Apart 

Foodable is more than just a new media company - we are combining technology, social, content and agency services that are set to reach chefs and brands as the need for evolving business strategy continues to accelerate. This means hundreds of Foodable Stars coming to the network in the near future.

Foodable Network is launching with 140,000 targeted industry professionals and over 3,000 unique visits per day, over 300,000 social connections, as well as over 5 million views of our professionally produced industry-level video content. We not only shoot in-studio, but also on location with some of the best operators in the business. Focused on our National blog and six major city blogs, including Miami, LA, New York City, San Francisco, DC and Chicago, we are building a Web platform that leverages our more than 300 episodes of WebTV content planned for the next year.

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A Foodable Future 

The goal is simple: to become the most sought after WebTV property for restaurant pros and foodies. Our technology, analytics and targeting set us apart, but our production and industry connections set us above the competitors. This is really just the beginning, as we have a new integrated media technology in the works that will connect operators, consumers and suppliers alike in a way that technology has not been able to do in the past. 

The social prowess is also playing a role in the development of many restaurant brands and operations. We know this better than anyone, with the longest-running tracker for the industry in the Restaurant Social Media Index. It is that Index that will continue to drive some very interesting value for operators in the near future. We hope you will enjoy the ride as we bring a new level of broadcast quality content to the restaurant & hospitality business. Best of all, we want you to be a part of the story, so be on the lookout for more updates very soon.