The Social Chef is More Than Just a Hashtag, It’s a Way of Business

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Between the biggest social platforms — Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube – chefs now have the ability to reach thousands of consumers at one time, in one place. Some chefs share relevant food articles, some Instagram their succulent dishes (#foodporn), and others use their social platforms to unveil daily specials. The best social chefs do all of the above and more. They seek innovation to promote their work, and by doing so, create a brand for themselves. Needless to say, the Social Chef is a huge part of the foodservice industry for the New Age consumer.

To emphasize its importance, DigitalCoCo’s RIZMY Awards, which applauds the best brands rocking it on social and digital media, includes a Social Chef of the Year award in its eight award lineup. Winners, narrowed down from our original Top 20 nominees, were recently announced at the First Annual Foodservice Digital Marketing Summit. The three Social Chef of the Year finalists were each within less than a point of each other.  Read More