Startup Fluc Aims to Change the Food Delivery Game

Foodable WebTV Network |  Photo Credit: VentureBeat

Foodable WebTV Network | Photo Credit: VentureBeat

We've all had this problem before – and many of us who work still do: after a long day, making dinner is the last thing you want to do. After waiting in traffic, starving, you may opt to grab something quick – an impulsive guilt trip that by no means aligns with your plan to "get healthy." But a fairly new delivery service by the name of Fluc in Palo Alto aims to change all that. 

The startup began just six months ago, but its three young co-founders have just announced an impressive scheduling component to the service, which allows customers to customize meals from any restaurant of their choice a full year in advance. Though there are a handful of startups in the same realm, Fluc overlaps a few of the major markets, including catering. Read More