Pastry Chefs are Making a Sweet Comeback

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Desserts don’t always get the best rep – especially in January. But if you think about it, even when New Year’s Resolutions have worn off, most of us dine out for the main dish, not specifically for dessert. And when that third course comes around, it’s not uncommon to deny the almighty dessert menu. Blame guilt of gluttony. Blame the economy.

For the past few years, this has certainly put pastry chefs in a bind. With the rise of fast casuals and gastropubs, the decline of fine dining occasions only added to less opportunities for this specialty chef. But fear no more, sweet tooths: pastry chefs are allegedly making a comeback, as is fine dining. Not that dessert was ever a dying breed, but with a higher demand in the right market, 2014 looks to be a substantial year for that sweet food porn we all secretly – or not so secretly – love. Read More