The Cali-based Fast Casual on the Rise: Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop

The fast casual focused on providing the consumer with healthy, yet affordable menu options, Greenleaf continues to expand in the California. With four wildly popular restaurant chains and two more new ones on the way, one in Hollywood and another Pasadena , Cali foodies can't seem to get enough of this healthy fast casual. But what makes this restaurant chain different than all the other green and healthy restaurant options in Southern California?

The Gourmet Aspect

The fast casual segment has changed how consumers eat and how they view dining out. Fast casuals are appealing, especially to the millennial generation, because the food options are seen as better quality, but the speed of service is almost on par with quick-serve. Greenleaf has proven that the LA market, known for being both health and eco-conscious, was just the environment for the chef Jonathan Rollo to bring gourmet cuisine to the masses. With a culinary background in fine dining, Rollo aims to provide flavorful, yet healthy dishes. "We are for healthy everyday eating, you don't only come here on a diet," said Cissy Baldwin, Director of Marketing at Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop. This is symphonious with the healthier lifestyle of the LA residents. Read More