Are New Menus Confusing Consumers?

Menu sizes are slimming down, but the categories are increasing. Menus used to have three main categories appetizers, entrees, and desserts. But now menus are featuring categories like small plates, snacks, salads, pastas, fish & seafood, sandwiches, etc. Especially, in the casual dining segment restaurants are trying to give consumers a variety of options to differentiate themselves from fast casual brands. However, is this causing consumers to be confused? Consumers don't know how much the portions are anymore and often they order more. In terms of the meal bill, this is a good thing for restaurant operators. However, confusing the consumer is the last thing that a menu should do.

So how do you find that perfect balance of having a menu with an array of categories, but also being easy for the customer to understand? Clearly defining the portions of the options and describing the dish in detail makes the menu so much more helpful for the diner. Read More