Fast Casual Nation - The Documentary Comes to Netflix in Early 2015

It seems like overnight, the fast casual restaurant segment became the leading segment in the industry. However, it actually has been roughly 21 years in the making. Today the dining concept is emerging as the consumers’ favorite, especially to the millennial generation, that will soon have the largest buying power in the market.

Even though fast casual is the leading segment, consumers and restaurant operators are still defining what exactly fast casual is. Foodable WebTV Network has ventured to inform the industry and consumers with the Fast Casual Nation WebTV series. These episodes feature exclusive interviews from top chefs, restaurateurs and other industry insiders, while giving the viewer a close-up look at the menus that are changing the way America eats. But, we are taking the WebTV series a step further.

Streaming to a Screen Near you

Foodable WebTV Network is excited to announce that Fast Casual Nation- The Documentary will be available on Netflix in early 2015. The documentary will reach a broad audience by being available on the most popular provider of on-demand internet streaming media.  

A first of its kind, the documentary digs deeper than Fast Casual Nation, the show and explores the birth of the Fast Casual restaurant segment through exclusive interviews with the industry insiders, who started it all. It will take viewers behind the scenes of the concepts that are changing and influencing modern-day dining.

The documentary highlights some of the best and most innovative fast casuals around the country, farmed from four seasons of coverage in the industry. It will answer the questions–

  • what is fast casual?

  • why are consumers and brands alike migrating to this new evolution of service, speed, quality and experience?

  • could this be the segment that replaces the quick-serve option?

  • why digital, social and mobile has had such a big impact on the smaller fast casual startups?

And many more, while giving viewers a visual bite of what the segment has to offer.

The Segment That Consumers Can’t get Enough of

Host Paul Barron discusses with owners of the NOLA fast Casual Success, District Donuts. Sliders. Brew on Fast Casual Nation |  Foodable WebTV Network

Host Paul Barron discusses with owners of the NOLA fast Casual Success, District Donuts. Sliders. Brew on Fast Casual Nation | Foodable WebTV Network

Paul Barron, started pioneering the fast casual segment in 1993, long before it became mainstream in 2003-2004. However, the fast casual darling, Chipotle only opened its first location outside Colorado in 1999. Since then fast casual chains have been rapidly on the raise. So far in 2014, DigitalCoCo tracked more than 600 fast casual brands and that is projected to increase to 700 by mid 2015. The potential for this segment seems limitless, with a restaurant industry accounting for 700 billion. Technomic, a leading research firm for the industry, reports fast casual restaurants currently occupy 35 billion with the strongest growth in the restaurant business over the past several years.

Fast casual restaurants are changing and influencing the landscape of the entire restaurant industry, there is no better time than now to hold up a microscope and analyze the major players, trends, and influences in the segment.