New Orleans Restaurants get Creative with Unusual Dishes

Dish from Nola's Root  | Foodable WebTV Network 

Dish from Nola's Root | Foodable WebTV Network 

New Orleans is an adventurously flavorful city in all aspects. Tourists and residents flock to the Big Easy restaurants to try something they have never tried before. Unusual meats such as alligator are served at the restaurant, Cochon and another Nola culinary delight, Toups Meatery serves BBQ goat. For the consumer seeking bold dishes, Milkfish serves peanut butter-stewed oxtail and chile-spiked pork. Seafood is featured on most New Orleans restaurant's menus, often octopus makes an appearance like at Booty's Street Food.

Most of these dishes would be unusual in the rest of the nation. However, in New Orleans consumers expect a dining experience with daring and unique ingredients. Read More