Johnny Rockets Expands Brand to Retail and to Other Restaurant Segments

Even though Johnny Rockets only has 330 stores, the restaurant has a high amount of brand awareness in the market. So much so that the brand is launching a Johnny Rockets At Home program, whereas freezers, housewares, music and more will be available for consumer purchase. The products will feature their retro-tech look and will be available during the 1st quarter of next year. 

Besides expanding the brand by retailing at home products, Johnny Rockets recently announced that they are developing new restaurant concepts across almost all segments in the industry. These include a drive-in movie concept, a drive-thru concept, a fast casual Johnny Rockets express, a food truck, and a mobile pop-up restaurant concept. Do you think that developing all of these at once is an effective move for this brand mogul? Will consumers be interested in branded Johnny Rockets products? Read More