Developer Aims to Bring West End Area Back to Life With Restaurant

Before Hurricane Katrina, the West Elm area of NOLA was the home to a bunch of eateries and bars on Lake Pontchartrain. A developer known as the Millennium Group has announced that they will be building a new restaurant and entertainment complex called "The Dock" on the lake where the Fitzgerald's restaurant was. 

This restaurant will have an outdoor sitting area by the water. As a safety measure, the first floor will be 17 feet above the water. Also, the Army Corps of Engineers has just finalized plans for the permanent pumping station at the mouth of the 17th street canal. This means "The Dock" development could be starting as early as next summer.

With the talks of building a restaurant in this area, does this mean in a few years that the West Elm area will be rejuvenated? Read More